American Online Roulette Gambling At Planet7 Casino

Before deciding to do some American online roulette gambling or the European version, it's important to understand the differences between the two. At Planet7 Casino, we're here to clear up any confusion. There are many different options, such as playing for high or low stakes, placing a single bet or playing for hours at home. These choices are yours to make, but there are some differences which are inherent in the two versions of the game, and beyond your control.

The Odds

Everyone is told that casino games are weighted slightly in the house's favor, but how, exactly, is that the case? Many gamblers, even avid players, aren't entirely clear on the odds. Well, a wheel should typically have 36 numbers that you can bet on. The payouts reflect that - if you wager on one number, your chances are 1 in 36, if you wager on two numbers, odds are 2 in 36 (1 in 18), and so on.


On a European wheel, there are 37 numbers, including a 0, and everyone loses when the ball lands on 0 (unless you've bet on it). On American online roulette gambling tables, the scales are more in the casino's favors, because there are two zeroes. When calculating the two, there is a 97.3% payout on the European version (an equity of 36 out of 37 spaces), while there's a lower 94.7% payout on the American version. We offer both types at Planet7 Casino. Other minor differences: the numerals are ordered differently on both wheels, and on American wheels, people can make a "street" bet by placing chips on five numbers in a row: 0, 00, one, two, and three.

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